SOAR - Success and Opportunity Advancing the Region

Lorain County Community College presents SOAR, an outdoor installation of 2,022 sculpted birds designed to celebrate the college’s commitment to student success and advancing Northeast Ohio through education and career training while highlighting the 25th anniversary of the University Partnership. Visitors can walk around the 200-foot-long installation to view the birds, which are in perpetual kinetic motion, and experience a sensation of being at the starting point of when a flock of birds unites and takes flight. Augmented reality components, designed by LCCC students, create a comprehensive sensory experience.

The soaring nature of birds is analogous to the upward path the college’s students embark upon following their graduation. In fact, several graduate quotes are shared throughout the installation which will be unveiled the week of the college’s 58th commencement ceremony. It is the college’s hope that the class of 2022, along with the more than 46,000 alumni of both LCCC and the University Partnership, take flight and achieve the life and career of their dreams.