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for 25 Years

By delivering bachelor’s and graduate degrees from our campus, Lorain County Community College provides our community with a convenient and financially feasible pathway toward higher education. And when Lorain County residents reach their educational goals, the entire community feels a positive impact.

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Today 54,343 people in Lorain County have earned bachelor’s degrees – a 77% increase since 2000. And in just the past seven years, the number of students enrolling the University Partnership has increased 52 percent.

  • 77% increase in bachelor’s degrees in Lorain County
  • 52% growth in University Partnership enrollment
  • Lorain County – now among fastest growing county in the region for bachelor degree attainment

Programs are identified with employer input, to ensure our graduates will help fill an existing gap in the talent pipeline in our region. So not only can local companies find the talent they need to remain competitive, but new, innovative companies are encouraged to make Lorain County their home, knowing they will have access to the educated and skilled workforce that will make them successful.

Lorain County's Bachelor's Degree Attainment. Now - 54,343 bachelor's degree holders. 25,3% of adults have a bachelor's degree. Since 2010, +22% in bachelor's degree holders. +3.6 percent in attainment rate. Since 2000, +757% in bachelor's degree holders. +8.7 percentage points in attainment rate. in 1990, 20,903 bachelor's degre holders - 12.3% of Lorain County. In 2000, 30,741 or 16.6% bachelor's degree holders. In 2000, 30,741 and 16.6%. In 2010, 44473 or 21.7 percent. In 2020, 54343 or 25.3%. Data is from adults 25 and older with bachelors or graduate/professional degree. U.S. Census Bureau, 1990, 2000 decennial census, 2010 and 2020 American Community Survey 5 year estimates.
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History of the University Partnership

The University Partnership began in 1996 with seven bachelor’s degrees and one master’s program. Today, more than 100 bachelor’s and master’s degrees are offered by 14 partner colleges and universities.

  • 1993

    LCCC’s strategic planning process reveals a need to address the county’s low educational attainment –..Learn more

  • 1994

    Community Members meeting

    November – LCCC convenes more than 300 community residents as part of the University Center..Learn more

  • 1995

    Lorain County voters approve the creation of the University Partnership with a 1.2 mil levy

  • 1996


    Launched with five colleges and universities delivering 12 bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

  • 1997

    Programs expand to include three additional master’s degrees with Kent State University, Cleveland State University,..Learn more

  • 1998

    University Center Dedication

    First class of University Partnership students graduates. University Center building opens on LCCC’s Elyria campus..Learn more

  • 1999-2006

    1999-2006 – Programs continue to expand to 27 bachelor’s degrees and 12 master’s degrees

  • 2013

    University Partnership Ridge Campus

    University Partnership Ridge Campus opens in North Ridgeville with state-of-the-art space dedicated to The University..Learn more

  • 2014

    Lab Sciences Building

    Laboratory Science building opens providing full-service lab space for upper level chemistry courses critical to..Learn more

  • 2016

    Roy A Church University Center

    LCCC’s District Board of Trustees unanimously votes to dedicate the University Center in honor of..Learn more

  • 2018

    Mems Class

    LCCC becomes the first community college in Ohio to deliver an applied bachelor of science..Learn more

  • 2021

    Mems graduates

    The first three graduates of the applied bachelor of science in microelectronic manufacturing graduate. LCCC’s..Learn more